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UX & UI Architect Intern

CLIQ is an in-house application for The Coca-Cola Company proposed by the Berkeley Business Society intended to gamify and reward deliberate social interaction. 

Stemming from The Coca-Cola Company's "moments of happiness" campaign, CLIQ aimed to quantify social capital monetarily, minimize branding, and provide a marketing campaign platform for the corporation. Centrally, CLIQ encouraged users to participate in social interaction and share their "moments of happiness" by providing users with currency-based rewards redeemable at popular vendors and local businesses. 


I began working on CLIQ at its inception in July of 2016 and continued until its close in the prototyping stage in August of 2016. I was responsible for the wireframing, prototyping, user experience architecture and user interface architecture of the application's newsfeed, redemption page, explore page, and gallery.  


The primary design obstacles to architecting CLIQ were: ​

  • Designing a location services system that monitored user movement.

  • Merging The Coca-Cola Company's marketing with a non-branded, user-centric application.

  • Creating a one-stop-shop for social hangouts that encompasses nearby events, user-to-user interaction, and multi-media storage. 


Design Tools: Sketch, Illustrator

Further details and work samples are protected by NDA. Please contact me if you'd like to request additional information. If you have already contacted me and received an access password, please click below to view the gallery!

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