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The Coca Cola Digital Community

UX & UI Architect Intern

An in-house enterprise solution for The Coca-Cola Company intended to empower IT self-evaluation and development across the company.

The Coca-Cola Digital Community is an in-house enterprise solution for The Coca-Cola Company intended to empower IT self-evaluation and development across the company while developing a shared knowledge base to inform collaborative decision-making. In tandem with the Evaluation Engine project, the Digital Community provides a platform for evaluation of IT evolution in business units as well as bottlers while also creating a central knowledge pool. This knowledge pool provides resources for development pathways, use cases, global experience-based communication, and up-to-date field insights.

I joined the Coca-Cola Digital Community's team at its interface inception in May of 2016, working from presented problem to proof of concept. I was tasked with wireframing, prototyping, and user interface architecture of the applications dashboard, Evaluation Engine page, assessment page, BU/Bottler list page, and BU/Bottler information architecture. Even further, I worked in a small agile team to develop multi-tenancy in the Evaluation Engine project that permitted the Digital Community to leverage the Evaluation Engine's pre-existing evaluation platform. 

While creating this interface, I worked in a team to manually send out preliminary evaluations to dozens of countries worldwide in order to gain initial insight into BU/Bottler IT development and future goals. This information along with the initial prototype proposal were presented to the CIO and a team of Salesforce consultants in order to build a project roadmap for automating the evaluation process and extending the global reach. 


The primary design obstacles to building the Digital Community were: 

  • Overcoming miscommunication obstacles innate to large, cross-departmental projects. More specifically, finding compromises between the large set of differing project goals/milestones received from each department.

  • Preserving the information security of every party involved, including business units and bottlers, while maintaining data transparency. 

  • Addressing language concerns for the global nature of the project - How do we make the evaluations easy and simple for non-english speaking regions?


Design Tools: Sketch, HTML/CSS

Further details and work samples are protected by NDA. Please contact me if you'd like to request additional information. If you have already contacted me and received an access password, please click below to view the gallery!

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