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Personal Projects

UX Designer

These works represent explorations into new tools, emerging methods of information presentation, and new approaches to graphic design for digital interfaces.

These smaller projects are a brief look at some blank canvas ideas for real clients and for my own pixel-pushing fun. In particular, these designs are opportunities to explore and gain comfort working with new tools, information architecture, shapes, client preferences, etc. Often abstract or playful, they are a welcome palate cleanser from the more grounded UX Design I work on in my day-to-day.  


Design Tools: Illustrator, XD, Figma, Photoshop, InDesign, & more!

Futuristic Aero Navigation HUDs
Futuristic HUDs

A study in abstraction as design meets physics. Almost entirely carved out of Figma's arc tool, these futuristic HUDs provide layered details that delight and surprise as the viewer explores the various macro and micro elements. 

In order to explore and gain comfort within Figma, I chose to dive into the tool by carving these HUDs out of layered arcs with the Arc Tool. Following various tutorials and points of inspiration, I learned to layer macro and micro details into a harmonious, highly-detailed design. In these HUDs, readability is abandoned in favor of developing vignettes of viewer interest so that the eye can dance around the design, constantly finding new and delightful details. 

My first exploration into this design style follows Sebastian Stapelfeldt / @carlhauser's tutorial very closely and focuses on a fictional planet named Sintae. The following images detail the overall design and a flattened view of the arc carving involved. 

My second approach also follows Sebastian Stapelfeldt / @carlhauser's tutorial and centers on a fictional planet named Nibiru. 

Twitch Stream Overlay Revamp
Twitch Streams

In order to continue to augment my graphic design skills, I worked with several Twitch streamers to develop iconography and stream overlay assets that align with and expand on each streamer's existing brand identity. 

The streamer, TickleSchiitz, is an awesome VR streamer that occasionally mixes things up with PC or XBox games. The following is a sample of the original assets used by TickleSchiitz.  

Client's Original Assets - Stream Overlay Prior to Rework

After receiving these concepts with the request for a full overhaul from logo to overlays, I delved into several rounds of iteration on brand identity to establish an updated look that aligned with the client's preferences. The following assets illustrate the final product including a new logo, fully updated overlays, new Start/Pause/Offline screens, alert badges, info panel headers, and more! 

Final Assets - Stream Branding and Overlay After Rework

Similarly, the streamer, Manimal (or Manimal3) requested development of a logo and several design options for an update to his Twitch stream. This design work included developing member badges for various subscriber tiers, adding panel options for merchandising, ensuring assets stay in lock-step with the Manimal Kingdom theming, and delivering the full suite of stream overlay widgets. The following is a brief look into some of the assets delivered including a fully customized logo and watermark.